Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sorry guys! This is not for those melodramatic t.v. stuff and considering me as the last person to check out what's going on in every random gharelu maamla, 'amaay maap koro baba' if you are in a bright/light hope for getting Star Jalsha or Colors update. Though I do know what's happening in Lolita's (the semi-neku and angry-young-wife of a bhyablakanto actor) world or what are the colors of the three sarees Anandi (does she need an intro anyway? heh!) wears with different permutations over the six days of a week----I feel the urge of banging my fist onto the t.v. screen everytime I walk past it in my drawing room these days. Whatever, you have to be aware of their daily nyakaamo if you are to live with your mom.

I understand that was a bit too long an introductory para, and I apologize as well; but I hope you won't get bored to the extent of watching an Indian T.F.D (didn't you get? it's Tele-Family-Drama, dear!) ;)...anyway, let's come to the point. I'm talking about soaps, my dear friends, the lump of chemicals that you play with and rub/don't touch (as choices may differ) while you bathe. Yes, I'm talking about those soaps, which give us 'tandroosti', save us from all those Satan-looking, trident-in-hand 'keetanoo's', and make us fall in love with the girl who was so ugly 2weeks before she used a particular soap and now looks all fair and is crowned in an anonymous beauty contest while the defending winner throws jealous looks and curses under her breathe. I love soaps. They kept me in a long-standing hope in my primary-school days that one fine morning I might discover a whole new bright & fair skin wrapping my flesh. I love playing with the bubbles and transparent films and memebranes with a hint of rainbow on them. And I love soaps for its ads with Ash, Priyanka, Katrina, Kareena et al ;)

I hate soaps, too. It slips off my hands almost everytime I hold them. I hesitate to pick them up from the bathroom floor. I hate to touch them when they slip from my hands to go right into the sink. Then, with utmost 'ghenna' I collect them as if it is an untouchable person and I'm a proud upper caste of the medieval(?) age. I have, though, taken some international-level catches to stop them from reaching the floor. I hate them when I wake up from a nap, don't ask me why, for I don't know the reason, as simple as that!

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