Monday, September 16, 2013



Let’s put all the blame on you for once
And let my brain take rest.
For a moment,
Let’s check what thoughts an empty head can bear
To blame you, or not?

Ah this mad, mad world
And its crazy people;
All o’ them love it
Everybody wants to go out and scream
Everybody wants the excitement, even I myself want it
So bad;
And then when I finally have it between my two hands,
It leaves me so depressed.


A frail body, a weak mind
With an even weaker will---
That’s what I am given
To face it all with and remain still
It’s so damn hard, oh mother
I can’t bear it, I can’t pretend
To be strong; I can’t pretend
To be sweet; I can’t pretend
To be a man the way you want it


What I am, I am
What you are, you are
And you might change
In years to come
When you will not be so young anymore.
I might change, too
I might grow older
And have a house;
Have a place of my own,
A room to seek rest after a long day

What will not change, what will remain the same
As it is now
Is a part in you and in me---
Where we keep our regrets
Where we bury our old selves


Love undefined
Is a bittersweet song
With a winding tune
And a happy refrain;
Echoing through unsatisfied hearts
And reflected in wine untouched


These days I wake up with my heart pounding
And I don’t remember any of my nightmares
Tomorrow I will wake up again
With a heart beating very, very fast
I don’t know why
Why I am feeling this bottomless pain
Utter a million words that do not make any sense
Smile without an effect and deny my presence
I can feel a strong but subtle resistance
I quit this game. I stand on the sideline
And I want to play. I want to see it to the very end
It is dark. It is cold. A kiss still feels so warm on my skin.
Blood rushing up your breasts, to turn your skin scarlet
I’ll lick off the blood and savour it around my tongue
Swings me up and down, this wave
Take me gently into your grave.


That which is not to be attained
By desirous hearts and thirsty lips;
That which is outside the boundary
Of tangled arms and mingling bodies…
You know what to call it
Choose a name.

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