Friday, May 6, 2016


She came along
Out of the darkness
An unexpected soul,
Appearing from the dark
Of this fragile evening.

She came forward
All on her own
As if by the smell
Of the things he held
Between his hands.

She knelt before him.
He considered her
For a moment too long.
And then went on munching
On his delightful evening snack.

She waited for him.
Expectant eyes
Thrown all over the figure
Sitting there in the dark
Of the field of dim lamps.
He finished eating.
And was up on his feet.
She lay motionless,
In total surrender.
He offered her the leftover.

Eagerly she ate.
He mounted his bike
And came a little close
And thought he would speak
But no he didn’t. He moved on.

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