Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Song For My Lover

Ah let me see You
For long,
Let me look at Your face
And say nothing at all
I don't wanna kiss You now;
I'll only look at You
And say nothing.

Let me see
How You blush
When i look at You like this
How You try to hide
Behind Your eyelashes
And how those lines
Form dimples when You smile

I wanna see You smile
For ever, and ever afterwards
I wanna look at You
At Your smiling lips, for a long time
For a very long time
As long as this world lasts
As long as my heart can bear it
As long as it takes
To be born again---
And oh! If I ever get back
If i ever have to walk this floor
Once more,
I'd like to come
Just to count
The sweet beads of sweat on Your face.


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