Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Beginning

The war had just ended
Or it seemed so to us;
And then the men started returning to their homes one by one
And the markets were lively again
And the nights were never so warm anymore
When the war, we thought, had just ended 
And then they were all gone

They came from a land less known to us
And seized all that we gathered for years 
Showed us pictures and glittering stones
We ran to grab 'em, leaving villages and thrones;
But I'm no mourner here
I do believe the world is fair
It doesn't take sides. 

Bards are extinct by now
Still, you never stop singing, do you?
The grand old clock at the centre of the town
We all look up to it, checking our watches with a frown
Oh, the sweet taste of time! It's all mine!
The glories and the falls and the scars and the worlds
All mine! They're all mine!

And That Is A Song For You

The Future
Is an open secret to you
That the Present unfolds before the eyes of the many.

Now speak, unperturbed;
--One to one conversation--
With your future. Face it, brave heart!

You'll get a story
And that is what it's all worth speaking for.

Don't cut it short
Don't be so cruel, for heaven's sake;
And for the sake of those waiting to be.

I heard a story from mine
A nice, happy-ending story
And if you were me
Would you just be
As silent as the naked island underwater?

I don't sing these songs for nothing.
There's a saying that hardly goes these days
"One empty room makes space for the two, 
Maybe more"  
But, really, who cares?

You've seen a lot of what they can be,
Heard many a stories about how they went on freely,
With too many eyes and too many ears, yes;
But tell me, honestly, do you see my inside, Magic? 


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