Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And That Is A Song For You

The Future
Is an open secret to you
That the Present unfolds before the eyes of the many.

Now speak, unperturbed;
--One to one conversation--
With your future. Face it, brave heart!

You'll get a story
And that is what it's all worth speaking for.

Don't cut it short
Don't be so cruel, for heaven's sake;
And for the sake of those waiting to be.

I heard a story from mine
A nice, happy-ending story
And if you were me
Would you just be
As silent as the naked island underwater?

I don't sing these songs for nothing.
There's a saying that hardly goes these days
"One empty room makes space for the two, 
Maybe more"  
But, really, who cares?

You've seen a lot of what they can be,
Heard many a stories about how they went on freely,
With too many eyes and too many ears, yes;
But tell me, honestly, do you see my inside, Magic? 

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